Country boy in the big city

This section of the website features a first account of what it’s like to move from the small village of Brayton to historic city Lincoln.

It will document my struggles of the first few months of living in Lincoln, fitting in with the rest of my flat mates and course mates and how fast I had to fit into life in Lincolnshire.

Topics of the blog posts range from: entertainment to friends from back home coming to visit me in my student accommodation.

Moving home is difficult for everyone and hopefully this tongue in cheek guide can help you and give you a bit of inspiration if you’re still trying to find the balance of coming to university or if you haven’t yet made that transition and you want some advice.

I’ve tried to put a perfect blend of helpful advice and anecdotes of my own accounts of university, I didn’t want to make it about me too much. My main aim was to try and put people, who are moving from a small village, at ease.

Have fun at university and just remember, everyone is in the same boat when it comes to moving in and meeting new people. Just try the best you can and you can’t go far wrong.