Studently is a student run blog that focuses on student life at the University of Lincoln, or as it’s more simply put on our home page: it’s from students, for students!

Each week, there will be a range of blog posts published by the blog that will focus on a different aspect, including: food, sport, money saving tips, film, music and culture.

Our team is made up of 3 writers:

Rebecca Adeyeye – I focus on everything to do with food, providing you all with quick and simple student approved meals.

Nathan Williamson – Bringing you posts all things to do with entertainment.

“One of the things about being a student, is that you need a way to de-stress, to relax. Of course, any good student knows that the best way to accomplish that is with watching films and binge-watching shows on Netflix. I’m here to advise you on what’s worth watching, and what to avoid, hopefully helping you to get the most out of your binge-watching time.”

Patrick Gouldsbrough – Country boy in the big city – the transition from moving from a small village to the city of Lincoln.

“Coming from a small village, I thought it was important to let potential university students know what the transition was going to be like. When I came to university, there wasn’t much guidance on this kind of subject. Through a podcast and my blog posts, I’ve covered most key areas of day to day life at university and opened up a new market. With a blend of information, entertainment and education, my posts aim to mix helpful tips with anecdotes of my own experiences with university over the past year and a half. Documenting my time in Lincoln, I hope it helps everyone who reads the post”

Multimedia – Student food and meal preparation advice, entertainment podcasts and a country boy in the big city podcast.

Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will also keep you up to date with our blog posts and other student advice and events from the university.