Student food: 5 Super cheap and easy meals!

Here are 5 really simple meals that are stupidly simple and don’t cost an arm and a leg!

1, Noodles

These super tasty noodles are easy to make and taste glorious!

~look at her bubble away~

Following the whole poor student stereotype thing, noodles seem like a good place to start! There is no one way to upgrade this dish and all noodles are good noodles.

This particular one transforms a basic packet of spicy seafood rice noodles using squid rings and a poached egg.

Just follow the instructions on the packet and add your extra ingredients while it’s cooking.

If you are really stuck for ideas though, read 4 Ways To Pimp Your Noodles for more ways to take your noodle game from Zero to 100.

2, Leftover Quinoa (or couscous, or even rice)

There’s always a point, especially towards the end of term where every student finds that they have a lot of vegetable bits, meat or fish leftover. This meal uses all of those leftover fridge/freezer items and turns it into something magical.

Making this is pretty simple, just sizzle your leftover veggies in a little oil add your leftover meat and any seasoning or condiments you like. Lastly stir through some cooked quinoa, couscous or rice and you’ll be good to go!

This meal costs nothing extra if you just use what you have in!

Healthy, quick and cheap,

3, Potato Hash and eggs

Potato hash has got to be the easiest thing to cook ever, it’s essentially just fried potato but different in a tantalisingly salty way!

First wash poke and microwave a good old potato to “par cook” it. Let it cool down enough to handle then cube it up.

Heat up a good glug of oil and fry the potatoes until they are golden brown and delicious, then throw some seasoning (like salt, pepper and rosemary) in there right before you serve.

Top with a fried egg.

The good thing about this is that root vegetables are usually cheaper in general so why not experiment with other types? Parsnip hash anyone?

4, Breakfast on the go

Student life can be tough and you might find yourself in a pinch for money (and time) but breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this couldn’t be moore true than for a student!

So make this grab-and-go breakfast by cooking your bacon and egg at the same time, in the same pan then throwing it in a lightly toasted ciabatta roll (or any other type of bread).

Finish it off by wrapping it in some foil and you have yourself a breakfast that is quick, easy and portable AF.

5, Deconstructed breakfast parfait

Parfait can be a healthy instagram worthy breakfast, but when it comes to delicately layering oats between yogurt and compote nobody has time, especially if you’re a student!

How about instead of making lots of little cute layers, you just make one big one?

Mostly fill a bowl with any type off yoghurt, top it off with some toasted oats and top the with a chunky compote made by simmering down whatever fruit you have with water, a squeeze of a lemon and sugar to taste.

Perfect, aye?

If you like these recipes then share it with your buddies and if you happen to make any of them then use the hashtag #StudentlyStudents on twitter and instagram so we can see it too!

By Rebecca Adeyeye

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