Student food: 4 ways to pimp your noodles

What Do you call a fake noodle…?

(Get to the end of this article to find out!)

When it gets to that time of the year when you’re counting pennies, reaching for the same old noodle packet can really take a toll.

So, here are 4 ways you can turn a 34p packet of noodles into a dish worthy of Kings and Queens!

1, Get some veggies in there!

Throw in a handful of frozen veg or fresh veg if you’re feeling fancy when you boil your water, not only are you adding more nutrients to what is basically the king of all empty calorie dishes but also, you won’t necessarily be telling porkies when your mother next asks if you’re eating all your veggies.

Pro tip: While the vegetables are boiling, throw in the seasoning packet for even more flavour!

2, Make use of your leftovers

Have any leftover ingredients? Sautéed onions, leftover chicken, those two mushrooms at the back of your fridge?

They can all be used up to take your noodle game from a mediocre 4 to a boast-worthy 10. Just chop it up and add your cooked (or easily cooked) leftovers towards the end.

Come dine with me has nothing on you!

3, Poach an egg!

When it comes to noodles, there is nothing better than breaking open a poached egg and swirling the creamy yellow yolk around!

To achieve this, just crack open an egg on top of your noodles while it’s still cooking and let it simmer away for a few minutes until it’s cooked but still lovely and runny inside.

4, Add your own seasonings

Never underestimate the power of your condiment supply!

If you could only do one of these four things, make it to add condiments to the broth of your noodles.

Adding a dash of soy sauce, oyster sauce or even sriracha sauce can make your noodle broth go from generic to rich, bold and full of flavour!

If you decide to give these a try and become some sort of noodle connoisseur we would love to see your creation!

Tweet a picture or post on instagram using #StudentlyStudents and you could be featured on our instagram page!

Answer: AN IM-PASTA!

By Rebecca Adeyeye

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