Country boy in the big city: quietness

One of the many reasons I love coming from a small North Yorkshire village is the quietness. The odd car might speed down the road and an occasional drunk argument may ensue but nothing was to prepare me for the noise of university.

Friends that had gone to university a year previous had warned me of the sleepless nights and the noise around the student village but I would always laugh it off and tell them I was a heavy sleeper so nothing could wake me up.

In the month after I had moved to university, how those words would come back and bite me, so much so that I was wishing the small Lincolnshire earthquake of 2008 would repeat itself just so I could have a few hours of peaceful sleep.

Monday right through to Sunday was always tainted with the same sound; rubbish house music and enough ‘yaya/kolo’ chants to make you think the Ivorian pair had a weekly guest slot at Lincoln Courts Student Village.

I was lucky enough to have an apartment that was detached from the rest of the individual court block that I lived in but in student accommodation, that doesn’t seem to matter.

Going out was a big staple in my first year of uni but compared to back home, where a Friday and Saturday was considered a big night, the noise even seemed to be present on a Sunday night in Lincoln.

A big must for people who aren’t used to having much noise on a night is a set of good headphones. While you’re reading this and thinking: ‘they will surely make more noise for you?’. You’re correct but riddle me this: ‘would you rather hear Gaz from Leeds try and bed Molly from Nottingham or would you rather listen to a crafty little compilation you made earlier?’.

Another top tip I would have is, to try and do some work while the outside noise is happening. If you’re going to go to your lectures the next day and need five cups of coffee and still look like you have panda eyes, the least you could do is a few more hundred words on an essay you have.

My only saving grace for students in their first year that aren’t coping with the noise is that in second year, you can select a house and restore that quietness that you once knew and loved.

Just choose wisely though or you will have to survive second year as you did in your first; tired, coffee fuelled and still looking like a panda.

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