10 Mostly edible mother’s day gifts that she’ll love

There’s nothing better than showing your mother just how much you love her by spoiling her with lavish gifts on Mother’s day.

But for a student that can be pretty expensive!

So here are 10 moderately priced (and mostly edible) gifts ideas so your mother can have a special day even though you’re on a budget!

1, Bake her something!

Cupcakes, biscuits or even banana bread! Baked goods are always a winner and she’ll love the effort you put into it.

Why not try incorporating her favourite chocolate bar or flavour to the recipe just to give it an extra personal touch

Pro tip: Go the extra mile by piping a lovely message on top of whatever you bake.

2, Make her a personal card

Make your hands useful by designing a personal card and she’ll think you’ve put in some extra effort while you’ll be able to hide your crippling debt.

You can get everything you need from Wilko or even the pound shop!

3, Herb garden

Most supermarkets sell small kitchen herbs near the fresh food section. Why not grab 3 of her favourite ones, re-pot them in some cute pots and dress it up with a piece of ribbon.

You can search one of the many independent shops up steep hill for affordable pots and planters.

4, Fill a basket up with things she loves

This idea is great because you can get a basket from Wilko on the high street (or if you’re really in a pinch for cash, try having a look in many of the many charity shops) and fill it up with cute inexpensive things that represent memories.

Be sure to include a list of what it is they actually represent to give your mother a real tear-inducing experience!

5, Knit her a scarf!

If you’re a granny at heart then a scarf is a pretty straightforward thing to knit.

Take it to next step by following a pattern, go crazy with colours or keep it simple and only use her favourite.

Do a quick search on Facebook and you’ll find many knitting groups where whole communities of knitter are more than willing to help you out!

6, Make her a sugar or salt lip scrub!

Give your mother a well deserved break this mother’s day on a budget by bringing the spa to her! Make her a salt or sugar scrub by mixing 2 parts of coarse salt (or sugar) with 1 part oil (any oil of choice).

Take it up a notch by adding essential oils and crush in some dried herbs or flowers like lavender or rosemary.

Or even better, make a whole tub, throw in some exfoliating gloves from Superdrug in St.Marks shopping centre and a few face towels from Primark.

She’ll welcome the well deserved break!

7, Hot chocolate in a jar

Wilko have started a range of basic “Sanctuary Jars” that are simple and most importantly cheap.

Fill it up with some hot chocolate powder and head to the home baking section and pick up a little jar of mini marshmallows.

Then pop into the pound shop and find some glitter glue to decorate the top.

Don’t forget to include the instructions and tie a cute piece of ribbon into a bow.

You know… for aesthetic purposes.

8, Fill a jar with reasons why you love her

For those of you students who may not have the money to show her but definitely have the words!

9, A happy memory in a frame

Find a snap of a happy family moment and get it printed on the top floor of boots on the high street (it exists, we promise!)

Then head to one of Card Factory shops (either on the high street near Boots or near Iceland) and get a Mothers’ Day frame to put it in.

She’ll appreciate having the memory near her.

10, A bunch of flowers

If all fails, get her a bunch of flowers and a good old box of chocolates to show that you at least tried…

Share a snap of your mother’s day gifts using #StudentlyMothersDay on Twitter and Instagram and you might get featured on our Instagram.

By Rebecca Adeyeye

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