Meal prep: How to prep meals in a small kitchen and reach your micro goals

We all know the feeling of arriving at your university accommodation only to find out that your kitchen is smaller than a toilet cubicle and there’s only one fridge-freezer between 10 of you.

For some, it can make things 10x harder if you’re trying to reach your fitness goals because if we’re all honest, meal prep takes up a lot of time, a lot of space and a lot of effort!

But it doesn’t have to, here are 5 ways to do your food prep in a small kitchen without losing your mind!

1, Determine how much space you have

Some of you lucky readers will have a full fridge shelf whilst others might only have half.

It’s important to first see how much space you have so that you’ll know how much food you’ll be able to store.

This will also give you a basic idea of how much food you can buy.

Pro tip: Try stacking empty containers in your fridge space to see exactly how many can fit.

2, Plan your meals!

Research, research, research! When it comes to meal prep it’s important for you to actually enjoy the food you’re eating!

So hop on YouTube, Google and Pinterest and get searching for healthy alternatives for your favourite meals!

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to cook, write down all the ingredients you need and group them in terms of where you need to go to buy them e.g Tomatoes peppers and bananas at the fruit and vegetable market and pack of chicken breasts and minced beef at the butchers.

Then search online for vouchers and discounts for supermarkets and join as many loyalty card schemes as possible to save some extra money in the long run.

3, Cook as many things together as possible.

Say you’re making sweet potato wedges and roasted chicken, There is nothing stopping you from cooking them on the same stray at the same time.

That way, you also free up some oven space for more food and spend less of your valuable procrastination time revision time prepping food!

The same goes for steaming veggies too, if they all have a similar cooking time they can be done together!

4, Only prep for as many days as you can.

In step one you should have determined how much space you had to work with. So if you only have enough space to fit four days worth of food, there is no point in cooking enough food to feed you for seven days!

Plus it can get a bit boring eating the same meals everyday, so why not vary your meals? Have chicken for two days and beef the next two.

5, Enjoy the process!

As a student, cooking can be quite tedious and boring but it doesn’t have to be something you dread.

Put the telly on, play some music and experiment with new flavours.

Do all the things you like to make it as enjoyable as possible and you’ll see that it’s not so bad after all.

Why not show us your meal prep? Take a picture on Twitter or Instagram and use #StudentlyStudent so we can have a little gander at your healthy creations. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be featured on our instagram page!

Happy prepping!

By Rebecca Adeyeye

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