Quick fix: 3 Two step dinners to curb your revision hunger

Even the most chef-like student has a day where they just cannot be asked to cook. So, here are 3 super easy meals that require minimal effort!

Vegetable soup has got to be the easiest and most healthy thing to make on this list. Choosing to make it yourself instead of buying it in tin form means you can control what’s in it meaning you won’t crash from any hidden sugars and if that doesn’t sway you, it is way more value for money!

1, Simple veggie soup.

Step 1…

Boil  your chosen vegetables a either of stock, just water, or even milk for creamier taste. But since you’re in total control, you can even use a mixture of stock and water. Boil until you veggies are soft enough to be blended.

Step 2…

Blend it up! Whizz it in a blender until you get to your desired consistency. Again, since you’re in control you could have a chunky broccoli soup made with stock or a smooth creamy one made with milk.

Pro tip: If you can be asked, why not add complimenting flavours to the mix? Broccoli and stilton? Pea and Ham? Tomato and Basil? The possibilities are endless and if you make it yourself at least you won’t be disappointed if you’r favourite soup is out of ‘stock’

2, Frittata

Step 1…

Whisk up some eggs with chopped veggies and meat or fish, a dash of milk and any seasoning.

Step 2…

Throw it in a heated pan over a medium heat, cook it until it’s almost set then cover and let it stand for about 5 mins.

Tuck into your perfectly set eggs!

Pro tip: Sriracha makes any kind of egg taste better and makes it look incredibly Instagram worthy! Swirl some on top right before serving.

3, One pot pasta

Step 1…

Cook penne pasta in some milk, with a chicken (or vegetable) stock cube.

Step 2…

Once the pasta is cooked, stir in some cheddar cheese until it sticks to the pasta like a sauce.

Pro tip: Add in extra ingredients like smoked sausage or ham right before you mix in your cheese for even more flavour!

And there you have it! Three meals that you could easily make any day of the week!

By Rebecca Adeyeye

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